If you just got engaged, chances are, you are extremely giddy to the point you are above Cloud 9. North Granite Ridge is the best wedding venue near Toronto located in Muskoka. Learn four tips for wedding planning, and contact us today!


Start Planning Your Wedding Immediately

It’s never too early to start planning your wedding. Wedding venues book quickly, especially if you are looking to get married during the summer, which is the height of wedding season. In fact, it’s not uncommon for popular wedding venues to be booked for years. Consider our small wedding venue today!

Decide on a Budget

Your wedding budget will help you narrow down your wedding decisions. It will help you look at wedding venues in your price range, get a price down for your wedding dress, and help you determine how much to spend on wedding flowers and cake.

Decide on the Size of Your Wedding

The number of guests at your wedding will also help you determine a budget. Admittedly, the larger the guests, the more expensive the wedding will be because you’ll need a bigger venue and a larger catering budget.

Don’t Fret Over Things You Cannot Control

Why worry over the weather or if some of your friends will show up? At the end of the day, the focus is on you and your fiance. You did your best to plan out every detail, now just enjoy the moment. Pro tip: have a backup plan in case the weather does not cooperate, but stick to your vision.


North Granite Ridge is a top-rated wedding venue in Muskoka. We have partnered with other local companies to provide you with catering, entertainment, photography, and more. Stop by for a tour today!

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