Hole by hole

Front 9

HOLE 1 (PAR 4)

This deceiving tee shot demands length and accuracy off the tee. The green is elevated so be sure to take enough club. Green slopes right to left as well as back to front.

HOLE 2 (PAR 3)

This par 3 is a great test of your game. Favour the left side of the green as everything breaks left to right. There is plenty of green to work with, however, avoid over the green as this will leave you a tough up & down.

HOLE 3 (PAR 4)

North Granite Ridge’s signature hole offers a sight to remember. Tee off on the granite ridge, a well-struck 3 wood or long iron down the left side will leave you at the 100-yard mark. Big hitters have the ability to hit this green. Deep bunkers on the left and right guard the green. Our two-tiered green requires imagination and touch to make a low score.

HOLE 4 (PAR 4)

A long, straight drive is required to carry the ridge in fairway. This will leave you with a mid iron shot into a very shallow and well guarded green. Aim for the centre of the green, and take two putts. Par is a good score here

HOLE 5 (PAR 4)

Be sure to have your camera ready! This beautiful mid-length par 4 requires all accuracy off the tee. Your approach is to an elevated green so be sure to take enough club. This two tiered green is extremely difficult when the pin is on the right side.

HOLE 6 (PAR 5)

This is a very challenging par 5 with a good chance for a birdie. Playing your tee shot down the left hand side of the fairway is ideal. Two well played shots can put you on or near this wide but shallow green with a hump in the back centre.

HOLE 7 (PAR 4)

Another elevated tee shot makes this short but challenging par 4 a great opportunity for a birdie. Green is elevated and slopes back to front. Avoid the right hand side of the green, as all balls kick right and end up in the bush.

HOLE 8 (PAR 4)

This short but very difficult par 4 requires a straight tee shot. Too far left and you’re blocked by a tree, and too far right and you’ll be in a fairway bunker. A demanding second shot will need a soft landing, short iron to hit the shallow and undulating green. Par is a great score!

HOLE 9 (PAR 3)

This hole is not only our longest par 3, but some say it is one of the toughest holes on the course. Wind plays a huge role in the end result of what is a difficult tee shot. Green is severely sloped right to left with everything feeding into the green side bunker. If you make a 3 here, take it and run!

Back 9

HOLE 10 (PAR 4)

Very difficult dogleg par 4. Favour the left side of the fairway to avoid blocking yourself from the accurate shot to the green. Large fairway bunker on the right comes into play from the tee. Green is severely sloped left to right.

HOLE 11 (PAR 3)

A short par 3 is your best opportunity at NGRGC to record that elusive hole-in-one! Avoid going past the green to stay out of the bushes and trouble.

HOLE 12 (PAR 4)

Dogleg left par 4. Your tee shot should favour the right side of the fairway giving you a clear shot at the green. Be careful of the three deep, difficult bunkers that guard the green which slopes front to back.

HOLE 13 (PAR 4)

A well placed tee shot to this tight, deceptively difficult fairway is necessary for an approach to the large green. Try to favour the right hand side of the fairway to avoid a large pine tree on the left. The green is sloped right to left. Par is a great score here!

HOLE 14 (PAR 4)

Short, downhill dogleg right par 4 with the potential to run through the fairway. Tee shots should be placed on the right side of the fairway to avoid “Rowland’s” oak tree. Be careful of the bunker on the right hand side of this subtly breaking green.

HOLE 15 (PAR 4)

NGR’s shortest par 4 provides the long hitter a chance to make up ground by going for this green off the tee. However, two large bunkers guard each side of the fairway as well as a tricky bunker guarding the relatively flat green.

HOLE 16 (PAR 5)

A sweeping dogleg par 5 with a tee shot that requires precision through a chute of trees. With a drive of approximately 230 yards you will reach the bottom of the hill which will provide you the opportunity to go at the green. Your approach is all uphill with a heavily guarded green sloping from back to front.

HOLE 17 (PAR 3)

A good par 3. For this medium length hole getting your tee shot on the green is paramount because the green slopes severely right to left. Beware of the bunkers in the front left and back right that guard the green.

HOLE 18 (PAR 4)

A breath taking view of our clubhouse! This long, downhill par 4 with the wind requires a straight tee shot. Your approach shot will leave you with a mid to long iron with a bunker guarding the front left of this relatively flat green. A solid finishing hole.



Set among 320 acres of quiet forest and stunning natural terrain in the heart of Muskoka, you’ll discover North Granite Ridge Golf Course. Our 18 hole championship course offers privacy, tranquility and incredible long-range vistas that only unique topography of Muskoka can provide. Wildlife abounds. It would be a rarity to play a round of golf without spotting a family of deer.